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Journal of Innovative Research in Business & Economics

Issued by : The Society for Academic Research (Regd.)
ISSN No. : 2456-7868
Volume : 1st
Serial No. : 1st
Website :
Launch: April, 2017

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Critical Success Factors for the Resolution of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) through Public Asset Management Companies. A Case Study of Zimbabwe Asset Management Corporation Dr. Cosmas Kanhai Vol.1 No.1 1-4 Free access
Impact of the financial crisis on Islamic banks and conventional banks –
evidence from existing empirical studies
Bader Al-Mansour Vol.1 No.1 5-7 Free access
Trade Unions’ Reactions to Wage Determination Processes in the Public
Sector of Lagos State, Nigeria
Dr. Akinwale Ayofe Akeem, Dr. Elegbede Sikirulahi Tunde Vol.1 No.1 8-19 Free access
The Influence of Human Capital on Job Satisfaction of Employees of Micro
Finance Banks
Onyebuchi Sixtus Orji, Maisarah Mohamed Saat,Dewi Farihah Abduallah, Cindy Tan Vol.1 No.1 20-28 Free access
Assessment of Professional Ethics’ Practice among Professional Accountants in the Nigerian Public Sector Mubaraq Sanni Vol.1 No.1 29-42 Free access
Determinants of Return on Equity in the Czech Agric and Forest Industry Daniel Anarfi, Kwasi Asare Baffour Danquah Vol.1 No.1 43-49 Free access
Economic Growth and Inflation in Turkey: 1980-2015 Murat ERGÜL, Özgür Bayram SOYLU, Fatih OKUR Vol.1 No.II 1-3 Free access
Identifying Performance Gaps in MSMEs in the Era of Make in India Smita Tejwani & Dr. Rajender Singh Vol.1 No.II 04-09 Free access
Level of Financial Integration between Maghreb Countries Economics Mazeri Abdelhafid, Bousmaha Mohamed Vol.1 No.III 1-4 Free access
Examining Integration between Dubai and Saudi Stock Markets Dr. Sadouni Mohammed Vol.1 No.III 05-11 Free access
Determination of some Metals in Drinking Water Samples from Ringim, Jigawa State Adamu Mohammed Yelwa, Aisha Ado Shehu Vol.2 No.I 01-07 Free access
Confront and Opportunities of Indian Rural Market – A Critical View Dr. Om Prakash Pathak,Dr. Bhuwan Gupta Vol.2 No.I 08-13 Free access
Recent Innovation in Green HR Practices For Organizational Technological Development Rahul Kumar, Dr. Pramod Gupta Vol.2 No.I 14-20 Free access
Digital India: Move Towards Cashless Economy  Shalu Yadav Vol.2 No.I 21-24 Free access
Make in India: The Integral Role of Manufacturing Units Anjali Vol.2 No.I 25-27 Free access
 Start-Up India Initiative Akanchha Singh  Vol.2 No.I  28-31  Free access
 3 Tier CSR Model: A comparative study of Rajasthan and Gujarat Model Rahul Agarwal  Vol.2 No.I  32-40  Free access

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